Street Ready

The goal of this project is to identify a problem to the selected topic. Based on the topic I chose, the first step was to identify its relevant target audience, competitors, and stakeholders. Next, to create and implement compelling visual elements in a variety of deliverables that work together as a system.

From a problem that children are always hit by cars, I created a campaign for saving children on the street and developed a visual system to raise awareness and to decrease the number of children who hit by cars. The aim of this campaign was to encourage children, parents and relatives to join the exhibition, learning the street rules from mobile app game and build a good behavior by a smart watch.


Posters Series
My main target for the posters is 8-12 year-old-kids and secondary target is parent. So I represent my idea through illustration which is easy to reach my main target audience. I would like to represent it easy for kids to understand. For the message on the posters show the idea of one accident can change their lives forever; even though, they do simple behaviors without careful. My goal for the posters is to make them be careful every time they are on the street. Every time they step out of footpath, they have to be more careful. Accidents could happen anywhere and anytime if kids are less careless. 


Kidstropolis Exhibition

The exhibition “ Kidtropolis”, kids and parents are allowed to participate directly in this brand. There are 5 main zones which are bikes on the street and in the darkroom, making LED and decorate helmet and skateboard zone, animation show zone, beat street sign game zone and a small area for the parent which is included information boards. The main purpose of this exhibition is to make participants learn to be safe on the real street. All of the activities in this exhibition helps kids do the right thing, make them safe and avoid the risk of an accident. Kids will get both internal equipment which increasing more knowledge and the external factor which is getting the tools to helps them to be safe such as LED helmet. 


Beat Street Signs Mobile Game App

Beat Signs is a mobile app game that kids have to collect coins, question box, and the right street signs. This game will help kids remember the important street signs with the fun game.  There are obstacles show up in the while kid is collecting coins. They have to make a decision to stop the character and know the right time to keep running. So when they see the sign on the street or crossing street, it helps them remind the game and do the right thing.