***** This is a student project. It is created for academic fair use and is not intended to represent the American Apparel brand in any way.****


American Apparel Re-Branding


To rebrand a dead, dying or defunct brand, to give it new life. Create a new marketing strategy and visual system while retaining the companies original essence.

I chose American Apparel inc. the north american clothing manufacturer, designer, distributor, marketer and former retailer based in LA. Founded by Dov Charney. It was the largest garment factory in the United States.

To be a successful rebranding, I decided to reposition our brand from the US garment factory to provide a wider opportunity to the local neighbors. As the result, I changed the name to “American Corps.” to advocate the concept of supporting local American workers.  

American Corps. is going to create a wide range of products and services to help Americans to have a better opportunity to achieve a better life goal.

To achieve mission of the brand, I determined 3 vital sectors for Americans to work on; education, sports and agricultural. Each sector has 3 stages of development for people to consider so that they can choose the most suitable path for themselves to achieve their personal goal while contributing to the economic well-being of the country. 

Branding Identity Mockup Vol11.png